DR Fine Jewels is a wholesaler company registered in the Dominican Republic, It started in July 2002, when our CEO Dawes Tejada had the invention of creating a company that will not only export goods from the Dominican Republic to the USA, but also worldwide.

We have exclusivity to our customers providing top quality raw amber, Chips and beads, as well as Larimar. We provide a selection of different grades of Amber (AAA, AAB & ABB) and categories such as Blue, green, yellow Amber and fossils, to satisfy all our customers’ needs and demands at a wholesaler price.

The name DR Fine Jewels comes from the abbreviation of Dominican Republic (DR) and Fine Jewels is due to the semi-precious gem stones (Amber & Larimar). Since our merchandise is a 100% genuine Dominican our board of members designated an appropriate name that matches with the institution business purposes.

DR Fine Jewels is committed to be an eco-friendly company. “We make sure that our excavation process does not harm any trees or any other natural sources from our mines in order to extract the amber stones” said Mr. Tejada.

The company’s motto is “The Dominican Amber Source”. We assure to the customers that we can satisfy their product needs faster than any other source in the Dominican Republic. “We have established a name over the years by providing top quality and guarantee satisfaction to our customers, and we will keep it that way!” said Mr. Tejada.

Dawes Tejada (CEO) is a young business man who developed his entrepreneurship skills by interacting himself with customers as a Business administrator over the years, acquiring knowledge by studying the industry, and being always recognize for his passion in his  business class.  A visionary man with high standards in business development became a socially acknowledged figure among other Dominicans. “Every time I see one of this gem stones I get excited, I can sense the preciousness that nature has gifted us and I feel grateful of all the beautiful things we are able to experience as a human being” he said.


Our Company Values:
Mission: to provide our customers with the finest selection of Dominican Amber semi-precious gem stones by exceeding their quality expectations and to earn their confidence and trust by delivering an outstanding customer service.

Vision: To become the Dominican Republic ambassadors by helping our country to be recognize for its natural beauty and the best amber worldwide.

Quality: we make sure that our products are hand-picked and selected carefully to offer our customer only the best quality.

Service: We always have a whole team working hard to satisfy our customer’s questions and demands.

Genuine: We create and innovate our system often to accommodate to our customer needs.

Security: We offer our customer security by working with other recognize companies such as our shipping company and recognized banks.

Responsibility: By creating a company policy and procedure we assure our customers we are accountable of any mistake we may possibly execute and we will work on a solution to please our customer.

Honesty: We make sure our customers understand clearly our products and our business structure, policy and procedure.