AAA Yellow Amber

Yellow Amber: The Blaze of the Sun, In Your Palm

There’s something special about a good and perfect yellow amber. It’s almost like you’re holding a piece of the fiery sun in the palm of your hand. And yet at the same time, the perfect contours and curves of the stone have an elegant beauty to them unlike that of any other stone. Good to hold, great to wear, and altogether mysterious in the way it is formed, a good yellow amber is unlike anything else that exists within the realm of Mother Nature.

From the depths of the forests of the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic, we at DR Fine Jewels bring to you the most exquisite and perfect yellow ambers man has ever laid eyes on. Dominican Republic, an island known for its mining and export of precious and semi-precious stones, has the perfect amalgamation of conditions—right from its lush flora and fauna, to its history of geological evolution—required to form these brilliant yellow stones. Our undying commitment to bring to you something unique and exquisite ensures that each one of these stones is hundred percent unique and hundred percent special. So, whether you want to make a fashion statement, or a social statement, these yellow ambers stones and beads are just the perfect thing for you!


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