AAB Green Amber
Dominican Republic’s Finest Green Ambers, Now For You

Apart from its lush beaches and pristine water, the Dominican Republic is known for its mining exports. Organic fuels, and precious and semi-precious stones are just some of the items this island nation is known for exporting. Owing to the lush flora and fauna, and the natural history of this region, some of the finest precious and semi-precious stones are known to come from mines in this country. From these very same world renowned mines, we at Dr Fine Jewels bring to you the most exquisite green ambers and green amber products money can possibly buy.

These breathtaking and unique marvels are testament to the quirky ways in which nature takes the seemingly ordinary and sculpts it over time into something rather special. Each of these green amber stones is unique, as each is sculpted in a different, seemingly arbitrary (but nonetheless exquisite) fashion by Mother Nature. Painstakingly sculpted over hundreds of thousands of years, each stone is 100% unique and thus, 100% limited edition.

So, whether you want to make a style statement, or whether you want to make a social statement, these fine green amber stones and beads, brought to you exclusively by us, are bound to make your jewelry or carving stand out from the crowd.


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