Amber Fossils:Hold a Moment in Time in Your Hands
Amber fossils have always captivated gem lovers… perhaps because each stone represents a frozen moment in time, with only the mysterious inclusions to hint at its story. The very rare blue amber intrigues collectors with its unusual color and escalating value.

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Raw Amber’s Background
The stone that so fascinates us today began as a thick, slow-moving sap trickling down rain forest trees millions of year ago. The sticky resin trapped insects, seeds, feathers and any other particles in its path. These inclusions were preserved for all time as amber fossils.

The resin first turned into copal, often used as incense. After millions of years the copal further hardened to become amber. Dominican amber is estimated to be 25-40 million years old.

The insects encased within these amber fossils make them very valuable to collectors, scientists and museums because they provide a snapshot of the prehistoric past.

Raw Amber’s Background
Under artificial light, blue amber looks like ordinary amber. But in day light it has a remarkable blue glow.

When cut and polished, blue amber is a highly sought-after gemstone. Its value continues to grow as more consumers are drawn to its complex beauty.

A Word About Our Pictures
The images on our website were photographed in regular daylight, no special effects or artifical light were used that could alter or misrepresent the true color of the stones. So what you see is always what you get from DR Fine Jewels