The Mysterious Story of Blue Amber Stone
Not even the experts agree on exactly how blue amber stones were formed and why only in a small area of the Dominican Republic They believe the blue color is due to hydrocarbons stayed in the tree sap as it hardened into amber over the millennial and created the appearance of blue light particles.

Dominican blue amber is only blue when the sunlight shines on it,not through it. Its fluorescent qualities also make it glow in black light, for example at nightclubs. A very unique and talented gem!

Blue Amber’s Increasing Value
Because of the difficulties involved in mining blue amber — with hammer and chisel — and the very few location where it’s found, blue amber stones are exceedingly rare. And becoming scarcer every day.

Luckily, prices haven’t yet skyrocketed as they have with other gems like diamonds, rubies and opals. But they will go up as availability goes down.

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Dominican Blue Amber:
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