Do you use any effects on your pictures?

We take this pictures in our own studio, we would never add any effects or ultraviolet light to any of our gems, amber stones pictures are taken under regular sunlight.

From where are your stones?

Larimar and real blue amber is just found in the Dominican Republic, our larimar stones come from the mines of a small town called Bahoruco, blue amber comes from the mines of Santiago and Dominican amber fossil come from different mines in the Dominican republic.

Are this stones authentic?

We only sell authentic Dominican Stones directly from the mines and our silver jewelry is guarantee to be 925 Silver not plated. We offer a certificate of authenticity upon customer request. A fee may apply for small orders.

How is your jewelry made?

We design and create all our jewelry, our jewelry is handmade and designs are one of a kind.

How can I buy at wholesale prices?

is easy to become part of our wholesale prices, if you are interested in buying large quantity just go to our contact us page and send us a email. There is a minimum purchase of $20000 to qualify.

Custom orders?

If you are interested in making a special order we will love to work with you, a special order is when the customer is interested in buying special  Blue amber Stones, Larimar stones or jewelry.

Example: large size blue amber stone are much harder to find and require special search in the mines to find them, different levels of quality or order a one of a kind jewelry design or order a specific amber fossil insect. Contact us for more information.

Is exportation legal from Dominican Republic?

Yes. As long as the stones have any sign of work is legal.

Note: we polish a small spot and each rough amber stone so exportation can be legal.

Which shipping company you used?

We Ship with USPS and UPS worldwide express. If you like to arrange your own shipping feel free to do so.

Where do you Ship?

Must of our customer are from foreign countries, we ship worldwide fast and secure.

Do I pay custom fee?

We recommend checking with customs in your country every country has its own policy and fees. Any instructions are welcome for shipping and custom purpose. We are not responsible for custom in your country.

Can I return my order if the item is faulty or different from the one pictured?

Yes. You can return your order for a 100% guarantee full refund.

How can I pay ?

We accept PayPal, all major credit cards and direct deposit for large quantity orders.

Why Should I trust you?

We are a establish company in Miami, FL USA, we have been in business for over 10 years now, and hundreds of repeat customer every month. We would do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and over the years we have accomplish that goal. Please click here to see our customers comments.