Larimar Stone : Bring Good Luck for you

larimar stones dominican republic

Larimar is an extremely rare blue shade of pectolite that is found exclusively in the Dominican region. You will find larimar in other parts of the world too, but the volcanic blue shade of larimar is exclusive and can only be seen in the Dominican region. This rock is mostly composed of pectolite that is basically sodium and calcium. The reason that the larimar in the Dominican area is so blue is because the calcium in these pectolites is substituted by cobalt. A Larimar is an expensive stone due to its rarity and the bright shade of blue that is only available in the Dominican.

About The Larimar

The natural polish on larimar is exclusive and is rarely found in any other stone. Just like Amber, the quality of a larimar is determined by the color and shade of the stone. The configuration of the stone is also important while quality grading of the larimar. Both the mineral and crystal combination and color are taken into consideration while grading the stone. Even though the larimar is famous in the Dominican region for its blue color, the stone is not entirely blue.

larimar stones in dominican republic

You will find larimar stones with green and red spots on them. If you are lucky, you will even find larimar that has few thin strokes of brown on its blue surface. These spots and strokes are made by mere presence of various other minerals. The brown strikes are mostly due to oxidization and add texture to the look of the stone. This is why a larimar with an intense blue shade and good contrasts is considered to be a rare and priceless. Many people buy larimar to use as a decorative in their home. A high graded beautiful blue larimar will change the entire look of your living room. But if you are using Larimar for decorative purposes you should keep it in mind that the color is extremely photosensitive, and prolonged exposure to light can cause discoloration.

The Health Benefits

Much of the exquisite jewelry is made from Larimar stone that are beautiful and priceless. Many designers use diamonds and other semi-precious stones along with Larimar to create stylish and contemporary jewelry. You will get simple accessories that are made of this rare stone too. Mostly these are bracelets and necklaces that are worn by people to get the benefits of the world famous stone. Larimar has many benefits for health if you wear it close to your body. It is said that Larimar has strong healing properties and is also a great reflexology tool.

larimar stones in dominican republic

It helps in reducing joint pain and increases the process of healing in a person who is recovering from an illness. It is also effective for patients who are suffering from high blood pressure and anxiety problems. It also helps you to heal yourself emotionally and acts as a powerful cleanser. But the most popular believe is that a larimar brings loads of good luck to anyone who poses this mystical stone. It is said that the Larimar stone has the energy of sky and ocean which brings positivity in your life. You can even gift it to your loved ones to bring them good luck.


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