Larimar Beads, The Perfect Accompaniment to Your Dress

Larimar, that pristine, azure blue gem stone is a quintessentially Dominican Republic treasure. From the world renowned mines of, deep on the forest of this Caribbean nation, comes this extremely rare and exquisitely beautiful gem stone. Owing to its limited area of availability, and its breathtaking and awes inspiring beauty, this gem stone is in a demand which far outstrips its rather limited supply. Little wonder, then, that owning even one of these royal gems is considered to be quite something.

But then, imagine having a chain-full of these gems adorning your slender neck. Teamed together with that amber hot, ultra trendy and tastefully classy new dress of yours. Imagine the number of awestruck glances your get up would get. Imagine the splash you’ll make at that do. With the fine line of larimar beads brought to you exclusively by us at DR Fine Jewels, all this is now possible. Be it a social impact you want to make, or a fashion impact, these little royal blue beads of splendor would ensure that your job is made much easier. Also, with our commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that the string of larimar beads around your neck is of the highest imaginable quality.

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