Guaranteed Grandeur With Our Larimar Stones

Deep in the plush forests of the Caribbean nation of Dominican Republic, under the azure blue skies, and close to the pristine blue waters of the region, lie most of the world famous mines of the country. These mines, from which are exported some of the most exquisite and valuable precious and semi-precious stones, are also home to the rarest of rare gems—the larimar. Found only on this island, the larimar is an extremely valuable and rare sublime blue gem, which can be used as ornament or decoration, depending on your fancy.

We at DR Fine Jewels bring to you the finest and most exquisite larimar stones from these very same Dominican Republic mines. With our commitment to excellence and quality, you can be assured that the rare blue larimar stone which sits in a seat of honor in your drawing room, and which has enthralled many visitors, is of the finest quality and has been extracted with the utmost care to preserve its unique blue color. So, whether you want to put an aura of awe in your drawing room, or you just want something which looks exquisite, our larimar stones are the thing you’re looking for.


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