Larimar: A Piece of the Caribbean Sky
One of the rarest of rare stones, larimar is a quintessentially Dominican Republic treasure. It is only on this Caribbean island that the larimar gem is found. Sublimely blue, the gem can be thought to be a mirror to the clear, Dominican Republic sky. Or, a peak into the sublime waters of the region. This treasure is a unique piece of the Caribbean, and we at DR Fine Jewels now make it easier for you to own this.

Brought to you from some of the finest mines of the region, these gems are bound to leave onlookers envious, and you beaming with the confidence of owning something as pristine beautiful and rare as the larimar gem. You can wear our larimar stones as a pendant around your neck, teaming it with that oh-so-hot dress of yours, or as a giant stone sitting proudly on your ring finger. You could even keep it as a family treasure in your drawing room. The resplendent splendor of the stone would ensure that everyone—no matter who it is, or where they see your larimar—would be awestruck at the sheer azure blue beauty. With our larimar stones, you really can make quite a splash.


Larimar Stone: Your Very Own Piece of Caribbean Sky
Do you ever look up and marvel at the pure, simple beauty of a blue sky?Larimar Stone is like that… as enchanting and unique as the ever changing caribbean sky. Some larimar beads are an intense azure blue blue. Others are softened by wispy streaks of cirrus clouds. Still others are blue-white like a hazy summer day or turquoiselike the sea.

What they all have in common is their scarcity. Larimar is one of the rarest gems on earth. As such, its value continues to go up making Larimar Stone a beautiful and wise investment.


Larimar Stone’s Background
The only place on earth where larimar has been found is a small patch of rocky land on the south coast of the Dominican Republic. And it was an accident that it was found at all.

In the mid 1970s, unusual blue pebbles were spotted on a beach near Barahona and traced upstream to their source in the mountains.

Miners began digging. More of the dazzling blue stones were found. And soon, larimar beads were being cut, polished and sold as jewelry. First locally. Then globally.


How to buy larimar Stones:
When buying either a raw larimar stone or polished larimar beads,the deepest blues and richest patterns are most desirable.Larimar stones should also have a shiny surface with no cracks, pits or little carbon deposits.


The settings:
Larimar jewelry settings are usually silver, sometimes gold. Make sure you’re getting .925 silver, the purest on the market. (All our silver is .925). Look for fine detail and smooth edges. And, of course, a design that pleases the eye and touches the heart.