Things that You Do Not Know About the Dominican Green Amber

The amber mined from the Dominican region is one of the most loved and sought after amber in this world. There are many types of ambers that are extracted from various parts of the world, but the best quality and rarest of all of them is the one from Dominican region. You will get a wide range of shades in the ambers that are mined from the Dominican Republic. There is yellow, cognac, brown, honey, red, green and blue. But amongst all of these the blue amber is said to be the most beautiful and rarest of them all.

About The Amber:

The specialty of blue amber is the beautiful blue glow that you can see every time it is hit by sunlight. Once UV rays hit the surface of the amber, the light blue tinge turns into a dark shade of blue which is breathtaking. While the blue amber is famous for its color, the green Dominican amber is well known for its beauty. There are many other beautiful shades of amber that are mined from the Dominican region and are used to make really beautiful pieces of jewelry.

green amber stone in Dominican Republic

Even though there are many misconceptions about amber, it is not a rock. It is just hardened resin of trees, so it is really easy to mold it in any shape if it is heated mildly. Most jewelry and decorative pieces that are made from amber are done after heating it. Only a few of them are handcrafted which is why handcrafted amber is more valuable. The softness of Amber also makes it a great choice for all the designers as they can be shaped into almost anything with a little amount of heat. Not just statement neckpieces and earrings amber are used for its healing properties too.

green amber stone in Dominican Republic

Thousands of people all over the world make teething necklaces from little beads of amber that are worn both by kids and adults. It is believed that the succinic acid in amber is released when it comes in contact with body heat. This is why if you want to have health benefits of amber you need to wear it some way that it will constantly be in touch with your skin. The best way to do this is through a teething necklace. Many people also use bracelets and anklets to get benefits of amber. In some countries, small beads of blue Dominican amber are rubbed directly on the teeth for getting better results.

green amber stone in Dominican Republic

Amber is also believed to heal your soul along with your body. Anyone who has a problem with concentration can wear amber. It is said that energy of the trees are captivated in the amber, and it flows through body and mind, filling the soul with peace and happiness. Amber will help you to get focused on the present and get your life organized. Though it is sometimes associated with some zodiac signs, anyone can get the benefits of amber if they keep wearing them for a long time. This mysterious stone brings good luck to the wearer and fills their life with joy.


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